Are You Entitled to Claim Following a Construction Injury?

Are You Entitled to Claim Following a Construction Injury?

Although accidents can occur in any environment, the construction industry is particularly dangerous due to the type of work that’s done and the equipment that’s used. While serious construction accidents may not happen every day, they aren’t uncommon either.

In fact, at least two of the most common OSHA violations happen in the construction industry and approximately 20% of workplace fatalities in the U.S. occur in the construction sector. While rigorous safety standards can help to reduce the risk of incidents, it isn’t always possible to prevent accidents occurring. Due to this, it’s important to know whether you can take action if you’re affected by a construction injury.

Can You Claim Workers’ Comp?

If you’re an employee and you sustain a construction injury, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make a claim for workers’ compensation. If successful, your compensation should cover the cost of medical expenses associated with your injury and you can claim for lost wages too. Additionally, your claim may include compensation for vocational rehabilitation, specific loss or disfigurement, depending on the severity of your injuries.

When making a claim for workers’ comp, however, it’s important to adhere to the correct procedure. As well as determining whether you’re eligible for Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, Temporary Total Disability Benefits, or Permanent Total Disability Benefits, you’ll need to supply appropriate evidence to support your claim.

As many people find the claims process to be time-consuming and stressful, it’s often easier to seek advice from a workers’ comp attorney. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure your claim is handled appropriately and even increase the likelihood of you being awarded workers’ compensation.

Construction Accidents and Third-Party Claims

Depending on the cause of your workplace injuries, you may be able to make a third-party claim in addition to a claim for workers’ comp. If a construction accident is caused by an individual or a company other than your employer, they’re classed as a ‘third party’. If an outside contractor acts negligently and you sustain injuries because of their conduct, for example, they could be held liable for the harm you’ve suffered.

By making a third-party claim, as well as a workers’ comp claim, you can ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation following a construction accident. What’s more – you may encourage people and businesses to take a more proactive approach to safety in the future.

Is It Worth Making a Claim?

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of an accident, it can be easy to assume that dealing with a compensation claim will be too much hassle. However, your injuries could have a major impact on your life for a significant period of time. If you’re unable to return to work for months, for example, you’ll be left without an income and may suffer financial hardship as a result.

By making a claim, you can take steps to ensure that you won’t suffer the financial consequences of a construction accident and, with help from a lawyer, you might be surprised at just how easy it is to obtain workers’ compensation.