What Must You Do After Being Caught In A DUI Case In California?

What Must You Do After Being Caught In A DUI Case In California?

If you got popped in a DUI case in California, you need to know your rights. In case it’s the 1st time DUI in California, you can expect to defend both your driving license as well as against the criminal charges brought by the prosecutors. However, it is essential to know that any conviction’s consequences tend to depend on several factors.

If it is the first time for you, the entire situation can be quite frustrating, scary, and even confusing. That is why; you need a proper DUI lawyer to accompany you throughout the legal case. You can ask your attorney any kind of questions regarding the case and know how to file for such cases without any troubles. However, here are a few things for you to consider if you get caught in any DUI cases in California:

  • Do Not Skip The Chemical Test

You would be asked to take a few chemical tests right after the arrest. It is a standard procedure that most of the states follow in the country. The urine or blood test would provide a plethora of information to the concerned authorities.

Among all other data, they would be checking for the presence of alcohol in your blood. These are termed as the field sobriety tests, and you must not get worried about going forward with these. However, make sure to go through all the tests in the presence of your attorney, if possible.

  • Get An Experienced Attorney

As already highlighted a few times in this article, it is essential to get a reputed and experienced DUI attorney. You must not hire any general attorney for such cases. That is because the DUI laws are quite complicated and require proper in-depth knowledge about the legal system. Such lawyers would also be well aware of their clients’ rights, which are extremely important for you.

  • Get A Bail Bondsman

Another essential thing you must do is to locate a proper bail bond agent for you. You need such a professional to get you to bail right after your arrest.

In most cases, you might not require any bail to get the release from jail. However, do not take any chances at that time, and get the individuals capable of getting you bail as fast as possible.

  • Request For A DMV Hearing

You get only ten tend to file for a request for the DMV hearings. It is your right, and you must exercise it as soon as possible. Such a hearing gets to determine if you are allowed to keep the driver’s license or not. And if somehow your attorney fails to request for such a hearing, then the license would get automatically suspended.

Finally, get ready to prepare for your arraignment. It is that crucial part of your trial where you get to enter your plea. And never plead guilty. That is because; if you manage to hire the right attorney for your case, you can fight the charges and probably win the case. The plea of not being guilty would give you ample opportunities to jury trials where you get the perfect platform to prove your innocence.

Have you ever encountered any DUI cases in California? If you have any prior experiences or want to add some additional details to this list, please comment below.