The Procedures To Undergo Before Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Procedures To Undergo Before Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are staying in New Jersey and you want to know about Personal Injury Law. You should know that different cases are filed as well as dismissed in a day. Some people represent themselves in filing a lawsuit, while others come with their respective lawyers or representative. In fact, this is a usual setting in NJ. That’s why, if you have a case or a claim to file, then you may check out when scouting for a law firm in your area.

By the way, you have a lot of options online, so choose the experts, who can help you with your concern. Make sure that this firm specialize in Personal Injury Law. Through this, the attorney would be able to attend to your needs effectively. Keep in mind that lawyers have their own field of expertise. Therefore, it’s just a matter of choosing the right person, who will work on your case. With the sufficient knowledge, skills and strategy, it would be easier to win every trial passed in the court.

Now, if you are one of the many people, who got injured because someone had been negligent, then you have to ask for investigations to clear your issues and concerns. Doing this on your own may be complicated, especially when you are not familiar with the different laws, concerning insurance policies. That’s why, to make things easier for you, it would be ideal to deal with a reliable attorney, who can handle this well. However, if you are new in this situation, then you should know what procedures you have to go through.


Basically, you can go from one expert to another for a consultation. This is the very first step that you need to do before hiring the lawyer. If you are interested to push this matter, then you need to consult an attorney for legal advices. Through this way, you will be able to know your next step.

It is true that most consultations are free of charge, but it does not mean that they will give you false information. These lawyers are qualified to handle personal injury cases. Now, if they will ask you questions that would be helpful for the investigation, then you have to take your part. It would be great to bring medical, police and accident reports because these will be viable in the case.

During the consultation, the lawyer can already tell, if there is a lawsuit or none. That’s why after confirming and agreeing with him, necessary and further investigations will be made. He also needs to make a computation of the estimated compensation to be claimed.


The experts will help you negotiate and communicate with the insurer of the at-fault side. By the way, if you have not filed for this, then they can do it on your behalf.

A demand letter will be sent to the insurer, together with all the case details and settlement amount – find out more about this legal document. As an insurer, you may refuse the offer, accept the settlement or negotiate with the victim.


Once this insurer refused the offer and would not like to cooperate, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed. The lawyer will take this as a complaint and filed in court.

Through this, the lawsuit will be initiated. The other party, who is at-fault is given sufficient time to respond. And then, a trial follows.


Both parties will have to present their proof, evidences, documents and testimonies, regarding the occurrence of the incident or accident, where you are involved. This process is very important to prepare the attorney for the said trial.

As a lawyer, you have the right to interview a witness, consult other experts and research various laws to be used in the court. Keep in mind that as a victim and a person at-fault, you also give statements.


During this period, pre-trial is on-going. At the same time, both parties may also conduct investigations and gather more evidences that the attorneys can use to support the case.

The complainant and the at-fault party may also take this opportunity to arrange negotiations, regarding the settlement. Actually, this is for both parties and beneficial to protect their interest. If this not settled, then this will have to move further to a more expensive and long trial.

Court Trial

Since no settlement was done, even after the negotiations, the court will have to do the trial before the jury and the judge. You may find the procedures stressful because both parties will have to present all the evidences, call the witnesses and deliver all possible arguments, supporting the claim.

Of course, the jury and the judge will have to listen to both sides. And then, they will deliberate on the presented evidence, statements and testimonies. They will all come up with a verdict, according to the instructions, coming from the court. Find out from on how much time is needed to settle this issue.

Now, if the verdict is in favor of you as the victim and the complainant, then they will issue a corresponding compensation that will be awarded for all the damages, which is related to the injury. It is the job of your lawyer to do his best for you to obtain the compensation and claim that a complainant deserve to get.


After they handed the verdict, both of the complainant and the person at-fault, has the right to make an appeal on the decision of the jury and judge. This is a good chance for the complainant to continue fighting for his right when the verdict was not in favor of his side. It is also an opportunity for the at-fault side to fight for his right when he is really innocent and needs more time to gather evidence.

More time, effort and money is needed, after the appeal is granted. This time, the higher court will collect the evidences and review every detail of this lawsuit. This may take time, but once the higher court finds out that the decision is wrong, it may be reversed.