Reasons Why You Should Register a Malta Company 

Reasons Why You Should Register a Malta Company 

Are you interested in expanding your business internationally? Have you ever thought of the benefits you can enjoy from various features that come along when you register a Malta company? Let’s take a look at the key benefits that Malta can offer to your business.

  1. Tax Benefits 

Malta offers a full-imputation tax system, especially for the corporate sector. Therefore, the tax you pay as a Maltese company imputes or credits to the shareholders receiving dividends of the company. It enables them to take advantage of the liberation of financial taxation of business profit.

  1. Low Costs 

You can set up in Malta with a €245 – 20% of the minimum share capital of ₤1,200. You will also pay a registration fee as low as ₤240 minimum with the least annual fee of ₤200. All this makes setting up a company in Malta financially easy.

  1. Duty Exemption on Documentation 

Maltese companies involving in global activities are not liable to pay duty on documentation. It means you can make the transfer of shares and increase the share capital of your business without having to pay any duty amounts.

  1. Capital Gains Tax

Non-residents can derive capital gain tax on the transfer of shares. Your increased capital is not subject to taxation, especially if your company does not include any immovable property in Malta.

  1. Lower Minimum Wage

Registering a company in Malta allows you to benefit from the minimum wage requirement of Euro 720 monthly. Most employees in the country are satisfied with a monthly salary of €1000 to €2000 for the average job. It means you can save money on wages and help your company to be more profitable.

  1. Low Social Securities 

Social security is payable by the employer and the employee. It is just 10% of the salary. Therefore, you do not have to add too much of the cost of hiring staff.