How to prepare for LSAT

How to prepare for LSAT

LSAT which refers to Law School Admission Test is an important test that you as a student should prepare very well for. In your quest to prepare for LSAT, we have compressively outlined ways on how to prepare for the LSAT. We encourage you to take your LSAT prep very seriously. Take them when you are fully prepared. Also, how you prepare for the LSAT is determined by your goals, your ideal mode of studying, and schedule. It is advisable you find a method that best works for you and stick with it.

Take LSAT online courses, read LSAT preparation books or sample practice tests. What to expect: It is important to know that LSAT consists of 5 multiple choice sections within which four are graded. They include:

  • Reading comprehension questions
  • Analytical reasoning questions
  • Logical reasoning questions

Aside from the main test, a student will be required to complete a writing sample on your own time and computer. This writing sample in the form of an essay is not graded but only serves solely as a writing sample. However, it is submitted to the law schools you apply to.

How can you prepare for LSAT?

LSAT is set to determine whether you have developed the necessary skills to succeed in your law studies. Law schools use your LSAT score to predict your chances of succeeding when you join first year and eventually when you sit for the bar exam.

Since law studies cover a large scope LSAT does not test you on a specific body but general aspects that can showcase your ability to read and comprehend complex material, reason rationally, analyze information in addition to your ability to perform under stressful situation time constraints. These skills come in handy during the law studies as well as professional life. Furthermore, the LSAT format comes in handy when handling legal issues.

To prepare for LSAT, dedicate at least 4 – 6 hours weekly for about 3 – 4 months preceding the date. Consistency is vital. Some of the most important things to consider while preparing for the LSAT include:

Familiarize yourself with the instructions, format, and type of questions. This helps in ensuring the initial tension of seeing something for the first time is eliminated.

Attempt to answer sample questions and explanations to also familiarize yourself with the diverse set of questions.

Review preparation materials to understand the strategy on handling such problems.

Check online for previously administered LSAT tests. A set of such tests including their answers and explanations will help you to know what to expect and how to tackle questions.

While answering the sample questions, use a timer to gauge your speed and accuracy. Work out a complete test as many times as possible. Do not try to cram questions and answers. Also, we recommend you only use actual prior LSATs to prepare.

Lastly, go through each sample practice test noting where more effort needs to be exerted to fully understand what is expected. This is one of the most important aspects of the preparation. Practice will boost your confidence when you take the exam

NOTE: On the day of the test, ensure you are physically and mentally prepared by getting sufficient rest.