Benefits of Working With Expert Witnesses

Benefits of Working With Expert Witnesses

If you have ever observed a court case, you may have seen either the defense, prosecution or both, use an expert witness. These individuals analyze data and share their conclusions with the jury. These are the benefits of working with an expert witness.

They Are Specialists in Their Fields

Expert witnesses are considered experts in their fields. For example, a finance expert witness is adept at analyzing and explaining financial statements, transactions and other records. You can find forensic, financial, medical, engineering, vocational, engineering and mental health experts in various courtrooms around the country.

They Have Extensive Practical Experience

Expert witnesses didn’t start out as witnesses. They gained extensive practical experience in their fields. For example, an expert witness in finance has a comprehensive education, financial certifications and possibly decades of experience in the finance sector. These individuals may have been CPAs, CFOs in major companies, IRS agents or investigators. Some of these individuals have written books or scholarly articles on their field, and many have received awards and grants. All this experience and education prove a witness’s credibility and expertise.

They Explain and Offer Insight on Complicated Data

Due to their education and experience, expert witnesses understand complicated data about their fields. For example, a forensic expert can strategically analyze a complicated crime scene and cause of death. Then, these individuals draw conclusions based on the data they just analyzed.

Once they have their conclusions and the evidence to back them up, these individuals present this evidence to the attorneys they are working with, the opposing counsel and the judge and jury, but they share this information in such a way that a layperson can understand and follow their logic. Often, the witnesses’ analysis reveals facts in the case that the judge and jury may not have considered. This evidence can go so far as disproving motive, proving an alibi or solving the case.

They Are Impartial

Although one side of a legal case hires an expert witness, that witness does not have to support that side’s case. These individuals are entirely led by the evidence they are presented. They determine their conclusions entirely based on the facts of the case. When they present their findings, they have to be logical. These individuals must always act in an ethical manner or they lose their credibility.

If you face a complicated case, consider working with an expert witness with the knowledge and experience to analyze and support your conclusions.

Harold N. Hatcher

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