Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

After divorce, agreements related to childcare will determine the responsibilities of both parents, and these agreements are legally binding. Two significant issues need to be resolved in child-custody cases. First, where will the children be residing physically?

Both parents have the right to be the sole caretaker of the kids. They can also agree to have joint guardianship and share responsibility. When both parents cannot agree on the situation, a guardianship lawyer from a respectable and reputable law firm can help. Without the help of these lawyers, the parent’s rights might be violated.

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Types of child custody

To help divorced couples understand child care, it is imperative to know the different types of care. It can either be legal or physical.

Legal custody

When parents are given the legal guardianship of their children, they will be responsible for making important decisions in the lives of their kids related to health, religion, school, and other aspects of their everyday lives. Usually, it is very easy to decide about these things when the parents are happily married, and most judges want to keep it that way.

This custody is known as joint care. Even in this form of guardianship, one parent can have the legal right to be the main caregiver and make the majority of decisions about the children. The other parent will only participate in the making of these decisions.

But in some cases, the court can order joint care, but either the mother or the father (mostly the mother) will become the tiebreaker if there’s a disagreement. If one party does not agree on the above matters, the court will give the sole legal custody to either side. Failing to agree on small matters creates an ongoing conflict that can make the lives of people involved, miserable.

After getting a guardianship, the winning side will be making relevant decisions about children’s education, health, and welfare. They might also get sole guardianship if their ex-partner lives far away, neglectful, abusive, or does not participate in their kids’ daily lives.

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Physical custody

If you get the physical custody of your kids, they will live under your care, regularly. Physical care can be granted to one of the parents or both of them. A significant thing people need to know is how orders could affect them in the future. For example, some areas in the United States allow people to relocate with their children if they have sole care.

To prevent the other party from moving, the non-custodial party must prove to the court that the move would harm the children. Although this is not the case in some places in the United States, you need to remember to check with a lawyer specializing in child guardianship cases about whether this decision can affect you later. Other benefits of hiring an Chicago divorce lawyer who specializes in these cases are listed below.

Speedy case resolution

These cases involve legal custody battles that are pretty complex. If a parent does not have the necessary skills to handle it, there is a big chance that they can delay it. With reputable and skilled counsel, there will be a quick resolution of the case that can result in minimal problems that come from a lot of paperwork. With the help of an attorney, parents will meet all the court requirements as quickly as possible. These lawyers will help people save a lot of time, money, and energy.

Knowledge about laws focusing on the family

Highly skilled child custody lawyers are ready for any problems that could arise during the duration of the case. They will be ready for what other lawyers may be trying and have a lot of counter-arguments ready. It is pretty essential, especially if the case is complicated, and their ex-partner wants the sole guardianship of their children.

Avoid mistakes that can cost them a lot of money

Mistakes happen (whether small or big) because parents try to handle their guardianship case’s legal requirements. Because of this, it can result in hefty fines that need to be paid to the court for it to be resolved. A reputable lawyer will manage the case thoroughly to help avoid minor or major mistakes that could hurt their chances of winning the case and, most importantly, can hurt their kids’ well-being.

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Child support

Legal counsels will negotiate so that their clients can get the right amount in their support claims. On the other hand, an excellent attorney can help clients avoid child support overpayment. Without the lawyer’s support, clients will not be able to handle support matters. Clients might end up with legally binding and inequitable amounts.

Minimize the stress

Divorce can be a stressful event for the parents, and most importantly, to the kids. If a case follows divorce, it becomes more stressful for both sides. The paperwork, as well as court processes involved, are very stressful without the help of a counsel. With the help of a lawyer specializing in a guardianship case, clients will get expert tips to make it a lot easier for them to navigate through legal complexities. Lawyers will take care of all the legal terms and formalities of a child-custody case, so that clients can focus more on adjusting to their new life.