A Place for Investors to Find Returns and Peace of Mind

A Place for Investors to Find Returns and Peace of Mind

Malta has proven to be a great place for investors, not just from within the country but from other countries as well. More and more investors from around the world are coming to Malta because they find it a perfect place not just for their target audience but for the prosperity of their business. With flexibility in laws, Malta offers a great attraction for business owners. The best initiative that the government of the country has taken to attract investors is in the form of Malta citizenship by investment. As you can tell from the name, you can come and live in Malta forever if you have the investment that meets the requirements of the program.

The first thing that you should familiarize yourself with is the National Development and Social Fund. That’s the fund in which you will have to make a contribution of no less than 650,000 euros to qualify for the program. In addition to that, you will have to be a part of the stock market in the country as well. You will do that by ensuring that at least 150,000 euros from your money go into the national stock market in shares, stocks, or assets of your choice.

Now, it is up to you how you want to live in the country. If you want to keep moving out and in, you can rent a property. You can also own a property whose value should be 350,000 euros for you to qualify for this particular program. You would love to know that you can set up a company of your choice in the country. Go for a private or public company without spending too many days in getting one registered. The requirements are easy and the process is quite fast. You do, however, have to make sure that the registered office of your company is within the country. Once in Malta, you can travel to various parts of Europe without requiring a visa.


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