What Can Workers Compensation Do for You?

What Can Workers Compensation Do for You?

A key part of any employee benefits is workers compensation. Workers comp (also referred to as workman’s comp) is a type of insurance a business takes out to protect any employee who gets injured on the job. Accidents can happen even in the safest of environments, like an office, and it’s essential that employees don’t have to worry about paying medical bills or buying groceries during their recovery period. If your company has workers compensation, here’s a general idea of what it can do for you in worst-case scenarios.

Medical Costs

No one wants to get injured at work, but in some industries, accidents are likely to occur. If an injury is really serious, you may end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills to be paid. X-rays, screenings, exams, and surgeries can add up quickly, and you may not have the money to foot the bill. Fortunately, as long as you can prove that your injury is work-related, you can file a workers compensation claim to get it covered.

Lost Wages

While medical bills might come to mind immediately when you think of a work-related injury, you may not consider that you could be out of work for a significant amount of time while you recover. Workers compensation provides for you during this difficult time by paying you at least part of your lost wages. If you need help proving that you deserve lost wages as a part of your claim, consider contacting a workers compensation lawyer Portland OR to build a case.

Funeral Expenses

Though it’s terrible to think about, the reality is that some fatalities may happen at work. The last thing you want is to leave your family with the cost of a funeral. Workers compensation includes payments for covering funeral arrangements, taking the financial burden off those you leave behind.


It’s possible that your injury leads to temporary or even permanent disabilities. Your disability may prevent you from returning to your old job, and your employer may work with you to set you up in a new position that you can do with your disability. Workers compensation covers disability costs and can provide for you if the disability is permanent.

Not all cases of workers compensation injuries are clean cut. Sometimes an employer refuses to acknowledge your injury or the insurance company finds an excuse not to pay your bills. If this happens to you, consider contacting an attorney for legal help to get the compensation you deserve.